Antonio Sarangelo


Welcome to the creative world of wood craftsmanship!

I'm Antonio I started sculpting out of pure curiosity.Surfing the internet one evening, the relief sculptures of a canadian artist came under my eyes and I was really fascinated,just on that evening I was inspired for the first time to sculpt.


With my head full of inspiration and little of anything else,I bought my first gouges and a linden wood board and I tried to carve a fish.Be the result I let you imagine: really ugly,rough but I was convinced I could do better and I went on,I was already falling in love with this business.

The idea of transforming an insignificant piece of wood into something was very particular.After learning how to model,I had a strong desire to work with small and more detailed tools,I started to engrave face in the wood,the spirit of the forest(also known as wood spirit carvings).Sculpting a face was not simple but diligently,studying,practicing from time to time,I carved a face that was somehow better than the previous one.

Subsequently, driven by the desire to experiment, I introduced new techniques and materials.

My main subjects remain: Leaves and flowers, insects, birds, snakes.

Making wooden objects has become the focus of my artistic expression.

Antsart rattlesnake walking stick



-My handcrafted creations are truly special, realistic, made with high quality materials, difficult to find around and with my unique style.

-To offer the best to my clients I pay all the attention to the smallest details and the time necessary to sculpt and paint at their best.

I invite you to visit my homepage to see with your own eyes what I create and evaluate the quality of the product for yourself